For decades I’ve been entralled by the detailed work of  monks, who crossed their eyes in order to focus on the minisciule detail when creating, the freehand and mathematical lettering of celtic manuscripts & the older written language of Ogham. The many Sean Fochail, wise sayings and phrases that flow freely though Irish speach, folklore/ history & written language. As a designer my studies of  these have been most influential & as an artist inspirational. …………………………………………………………………………..
seasons-400 As a Graphic designer, I often develop lettering that is unique to a particular business, organisation or individual. Inspired by Celtic design & Irish medieval manuscripts, experimenting with colour, shape and space.

In the WallART I use these typeface to express & visually interpret Proverbs, Seanfhocail or Inspiring phrases. Sometimes the words may be evocative of a time, place or conversation. 

That idea may then be incorporated into the interpretation of the words. The transparency of the perspex frame allows the graphics to sit within their environment.

Design for the wall in your home or office.  Applied Arts as Fine Art. 


Title: ‘Motivation’ piece from the GoFerIt selection displayed on the wall. 


These are a selection of WallART from the ‘GoFerIt’ Range in these I express motivational phrases. Framed behind perspex. GoFerIt range


Inspirational quotes by Women. At a Women’s network event Autumn 2015 It was mentioned that all the phrases repeated by the speaker none were by Women. I have collected quite a selection over the decades and was inspired to share.  Find more under the WallART menu above. Motivational Quotes by Women>

D-MrMeghan- 297 x 297 (ol)

This is an example of a small piece that was commissioned for a health professional Read more>