Graphic Design is everywhere. There are two types of good graphic design. That which enhances our reading experience as to be almost invisible. The second is innovative and evokes a vivid response in the reader.


As a designer when creating an identity, I develop lettering that is unique a particular business, organisation or individual, if possible. Sometimes an entirely new typeface can evolve through this creative process or through typographic experiments.

I transfer the new typeface to computer. I use  “Fontographer” a programme to create a computer font. (a font is programming that tells the computer how, shape, size, weight,etc., to display type on screen) My typeface can then be applied to define and express concepts, thoughts and ideas.

I take these further and apply them to create wall pieces. using proverbs, seanfhocail, that I have collected since childhood.



As my means of display I use the tools of my trade as a professional Graphic Designer. Each piece is mounted using Print finishing, Signage & Point of Sale materials.

In these WallArt I use, Perspex, Printed Vinyl, Expanded PVC, and brushed Steel fixings . Materials so common as to be almost invisible. Allowing the piece to speak for its self in any surroundings.

The site/ the location in the hanging of each piece it becomes part of the Art. As with all good Graphic Design it is influenced by it’s surroundings yet holds it’s own.

Design as Art. •  Art in Context.
Design in our environment.

Using Typography, Colour, inter-lettering space & careful text arrangement I present the viewer with beautiful Typography. Expressing Proverbs, words of wisdom, inspiration and motivation, that I have collected since childhood. To express a variety of themes.

Enjoy your journey through my site. Feel free to contact me, if you see something you like or would like to have a bespoke piece created for a specific space, occasion or person. Indeed! Let’s Talk.



Each piece is available in two framed sizes. 841 mm x 841 mm and 594 mm x 594 mm. The pieces are framed, using signage and point of sale materials, Perspex, expanded Polyurethane and printed on Vinyl. This expresses the Graphic nature/ origins of each piece. The surrounding environs in which each art-piece is sited also becomes the frame.