‘By your Command’ are pieces commissioned by a customer, a third party. Such as pieces specifically created for a themed exhibition as in the case of the ‘Round’ pieces. You the customer, sets the brief & I make it a beautiful Typographic reality.

Often someone may have a ‘Catch Phrase’, memorable or often used words people associate with them. Such as the Surgeon who wished to encourage his patient to lose weight to assist in their healing. ‘Weight gain is in direct proportion to the amount of calories consumed & energy expended’. An irrefutable & simple truth. We should all remember. 

Or the customer who wished to have a modern piece that reflected her historical, beautiful home, utilising a beautiful description of her house in the ‘Irish reflections’ and commentaries of a 17th Century, travel writer.

Inspiration is all around, within words we may hear frequently or then again in those uttered briefly in passing.